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'Winter Storm' workshop led by students

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'Winter Storm' workshop led by students

As in past years, our program's signature event was the 2-week intensive "Winter Storm" workshop, held during winter session. The organization of this event is refined each year, based on a student-led assessment of the previous year's event. This year's event was overwhelmingly student run, and it was the largest to-date, with upwards of 80 participants. In addition to our own students and faculty, this included students from Gallaudet University's VL2 NSF Science of Learning Center, including a number of deaf students, plus a group from Korea that is attempting to emulate our efforts in interdisciplinary language science. In addition to student-led methods workshops and research planning groups, this year we added a number of professional development workshops, featuring discussions on academic and non-academic careers, such as a presentation by one recent graduate about finding a postdoc position, and one by another graduate who works in science policy at the National Academies.