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Bioelectronic Technology Development lab course

Education Achievements

Bioelectronic Technology Development lab course

In the summer of 2010, IGERT trainees completed the laboratory portion of the Bioelectronic Technology Development course that was taken in the spring semester of 2010. In the laboratory portion, the students identified a device design that could be implemented in a collaboration between IGERT trainees and a summer undergraduate (Seye Adekanye) from Lincoln University, who was mentored by the trainees. Electrodes were deposited on a flexible microfluidic/electrochemical structure. The conductivity of the electrodes were tested in-vivo and their behavior under strain also tested. IGERT trainees Alycia Gailey, Brian Kim, Carlos Dortaquinones, Erin Dunn, Michael Willemann, and Michelle Chavis participated in this portion of the course.