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Enhanced LANP Seminar and Journal Club

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Enhanced LANP Seminar and Journal Club

Enhanced LANP Seminar and Journal Club.

The IGERT Training Program has enhanced and strengthened the LANP (Laboratory for Nanophotonics) Seminar and Journal Club. When the LANP seminar first began there were approximately 30 participating faculty, research scientists and graduate students. Today, now that students with more multi-disciplinary backgrounds are contributing ideas and research, the seminar series and Journal Club have increased to at least 94 participants. The backgrounds of the participants is rich, varied and now includes applied physics, physics and astronomy, chemistry, chemical and biomolecular engineering, bioengineering and electrical and computer engineering. IGERT and non-IGERT students alike report this as being an important part of their education and professional development. They increasingly recognize the value in presenting their own work in a multi disciplinary environment as well as interacting with others presenting work from outside of their field.