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Ethics course reinforces values and standards

Education Achievements

Ethics course reinforces values and standards

Course work.

IGERT Trainees are required to take an additional five to seven courses, including one on ethics, over those required for their doctoral research. The multi-disciplinary field of study has definitely enriched and enhanced the scholarship of all of the trainees. The ethics course in particular is one that most of the trainees would not have been exposed to had they not participated in the IGERT Training Program. That said, the number of additional courses is sometimes an impediment for some students who are interested in the IGERT Training Program. Some believe that the extra work load would seriously slow down their research progress and they will not apply to the program. Yet, the addition of an ethics course to the curriculum reinforces the values and standards expected of our students and the department. The trainees somewhat begrudgingly recognize this and are glad to participate in the broader educational experience.