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Full year workshop required for third year students

Education Achievements

Full year workshop required for third year students

Each cohort of students is required to spend a full year in a workshop where the diverse group of students work together on a problem defined in consultation with an outside client. The students take the workshop during their third year in the program, putting into action their interdisciplinary training. The students develop the ability to communicate with students and faculty from other departments, as well as with clients that come from a variety of backgrounds. Our second workshop teamed with the CDC to work on malarial dynamics (and possible eradication) in Haiti. The students are working together to develop mathematical models of the mosquito populations, spread of malaria among humans, as well as human movement models. They invited CDC members to UF in January to present their work to date and to further refine their ideas for the benefit of the client. Students have presented posters, given talks, and are submitting manuscripts based upon this research.