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Thematic group researches bicycle transportation

Trainee Achievements

Thematic group researches bicycle transportation

Thematic groups: Our IGERT has formed four research groups, of which one of the more successful groups studies transportation. One research topic of the group is bicycle travel. Preliminary results from PhD trainee Krista Nordback's research on bicyclist safety shows that the estimation of a safety performance function for bicycle traffic is possible using available data and seems to indicate that bicyclists are safer on roads with higher bicycle volumes. PhD Trainee Andrew Duvall's research focuses on Denver B-cycle, a public bicycle sharing system that opened in April 2010. Mr. Duvall advised city leadership and system operators in creation of Denver B-cycle. It is estimated that more than 40% of Denver B-cycle trips displace in part or in whole trips that would otherwise have been made by car. Involvement in this group has helped trainees develop research topics, present their research and have a group to share ideas with.