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Prioritizing climate actions in communities

Research Achievements

Prioritizing climate actions in communities

Our IGERT team developed a two-step process to analyze technical data and engage communities in rapid participatory planning to prioritize climate actions. We began with the City of Denver in 2005 and now use survey methods in 2010 to study the participatory process. First, technical analysis of the citywide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and potential GHG reduction programs is done. The community is then involved in participatory planning, using the analytic deliberation (AD) process to discuss sustainability. Survey tools to measure the participants' change in knowledge and policy opinion before and after AD. A paper outlining this process was submitted to Carbon Management and included IGERT associates, trainees, and faculty from multiple disciplines. Survey results show a measurable increase in knowledge among participants before and after AD. Prioritizing climate actions was difficult because of politics. In July, we will hold a workshop to survey another 10 communities.