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New international short course series

Education Achievements

New international short course series

IGERT faculty and students led the development and implementation of a new international short course series, first held during 2 weeks of June 2010. They were instrumental in the conception and curriculum design as well as development materials and teaching. Titled The Global Health Institute, it was co-sponsored by the University of Hawaii's Office of Public Health, East West Center, and UC Berkeley School of Public Health. With lectures provided by faculty from all three institutions, trainee Holley Jessop led the curriculum development effort. Other assisting Trainees include Trainees Luc Rougee, Jack Kittinger, Rebecca Prescott, Brandi Mueller, Argon Steel, Kaipo Perez, and Kira Krend along with Associate Panpim Thongsripong. The success of the event has lead to plans for its expansion this year with funds from USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats program.