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IGERT components integrated with OPHS

Education Achievements

IGERT components integrated with OPHS

A number of components including events like the Global Health Institute described above and the curriculum developed as part of our IGERT experimental teaching and curriculum development have been integrated with, and made a formal part of the University of Hawaii's Office of Public Health (OPHS) research and education program. These are now housed in OPHS's Global Health Program and office. This office operates the two core courses into which the IGERT curriculum has been integrated which are now electives of the Public Health degree program, and required for the Global Health Certificate. In addition to these two courses (PH690 and PH652), the office has facilitated IGERT faculty and students assistance integrating our IGERT's research and education content within the core epidemiology (PH644) and environmental health courses (PH681). This represents a important achievement toward institutionalizing the educational and research culture developed with our IGERT.