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Bridging the Gap symposium

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Bridging the Gap symposium

On 11/9/10 we held our 5th "Bridging the Gap" symposium. The theme of the symposium was the impact of nanoparticles on human health. Two speakers presented their work : Dr Vince Castranova (Chief of the Pathology and Physiology Research Branch Health Effects Laboratory Division (HELD) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)) who is an expert on the pulmonary responses to carbon nanotubes, and Dr Stanislaus Wong (Dept of Chemistry, SBU and BNL) who discussed chemical modifications of nanoparticles and their use in biological systems. Two trainees (Meghan Bourassa and Andrea Harrington) also presented. As with last year, the response to the minisymposium was very positive.