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New texturing method developed

Research Achievements

New texturing method developed

A new texturing method, vibro-mechanical texturing (VMT), has been developed and improved based on lathe machining. A standard CNC lathe is retrofitted with a piezo-actuated tool positioning stage, which vibrates the tool, cutting micro-sized dimples into the surface. This technique is used to successfully machine texture onto the surface of aluminum and hardened steel in three types of workpieces: 1) outer cylinder, 2) inner cylinder, and 3) flat/end face. The accuracy of the texturing method is compared with a basic surface topography model, which accurately predicts most texture dimensions. A closed-loop control system has been incorporated for precision control during VMT processing. It is demonstrated that this VMT method is a versatile, accurate technique that has potential to be a cost effective and easy implementing means for surface texturing of tribological components.