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Trainee complete internships

Education Achievements

Trainee complete internships

Four of our IGERT trainees completed internships with outside agencies. These varied in terms of the type of organization and activity. One trainee, Aditi Bhaskar, interned at USGS in Reston Virginia, and was involved in modeling subsurface flow and transport along an urban stream reach. Another trainee, Anna Johnson worked at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in their Urban Ecostewards program analyzing data to measure plant community composition of both native and invasive species. Jonathan Dandois was a intern in the Spectral Bio-indicators lab of the Biospheric Sciences Branch of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Jonathan was involved in field data collection and assist in the deployment of remote sensing project. Laura Merner was an intern at the USGS Water Science Center in Charleston, WV. She was involved in a project to develop flood maps for the area.