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Technologies for dispensing pharmaceuticals

Research Achievements

Technologies for dispensing pharmaceuticals

Trainee Sara Holt is working with Dr. Fernando Muzzio, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Sara's research is focusing on the development of microdosing technologies for dispensing pharmaceutical solutions and suspensions into hard gelatin capsules. Multiple technologies have been integrated to create a dispensing platform that can dispense various quantities of multiple formulations simultaneously. Work has also been done to apply process analytical technologies (PAT) to the dispensing platform. Raman spectroscopy can be used as an on-line method for determining concentration of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in a filled capsule. This project is performed in collaboration with IGERT faculty Dr. Paul Takhistov, food science and Dr. Bozena Michniak, Pharmacy. Sara gave a presentation at the AICHE in November 2010 related to this work.