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Second place at Tech Valley Business Plan

Trainee Achievements

Second place at Tech Valley Business Plan

As an update to the achievement from last year, three Trainees, Christian Laskowski, Todd Snelson, and Eric Peterson, continued with Sustain-a-PET. Their project finished in second place at the Tech Valley Business Plan in Albany and received $5k for the advancement of the project and the RPI Grand Prize ?Change the World Challenge? Award, providing a total of $10,000 of much-needed seed funding to continue the project. With assistance from IGERT contacts, their team has met with representatives from Hasbro, attended Toy Fair 2011, collaborated with the *DECO design group, and has plans to bring Sustain-a-PET? to commercialization once all involved trainees have completed their degrees. All of this was enabled by the IGERT?s interdisciplinary contacts and support as a whole.