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LwD Winter Workshop held

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LwD Winter Workshop held

The LwD Winter Workshop sponsored by the Wright State University IGERT fellows was held December 8, 2010 for the fourth consecutive year. Over fifty faculty, staff and students were in attendance. Two keynote speakers were featured. Darren Kall, the Vice President of Kall Consulting, a customer and user experience design presented on the topic, Secondary Impacts of Interdisciplinary, Participatory Design on Innovation. Dr. Brad Duerstock from Purdue University provided an overview of a new research program titled: Advancing the inclusion of Students with Disabilities in STEM Careers through Laboratory Practice. Brad is an assistant research professor and director of the Institute of Accessible Science (IAS). The IGERT fellows also organized two panels to present preliminary results of their doctoral research; "Enhanced Interactions through Technology and Eyes-Free Navigation" and "Reading, & Web-Based Information Seeking."