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PI recruits experts to teach trainees

Education Achievements

PI recruits experts to teach trainees

The IGERT PI recruited four experts to educate our trainees. 1) Dr. Robert Brackenbury, Professor of Cancer and Cell Biology in Medicine, spoke about “Oral and Written Communications.” Dr. Brackenbury, who teaches a formal course in this area, presented material about effectively presenting data and images in preparing podium and poster presentations, manuscripts and grant proposals. 2) Dr. William Ball from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital lectured about “Experimental Design” and the generation of effective research questions and testable hypotheses. 3) Dr. Ronald Millard, Professor of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology (and co-PI) lectured about “Ethics” and issues of fraud and deceit in presenting data and plagiarism in communicating results. 4) Dr. Robert Zierolf, Associate Director of the Graduate School, concluded by describing the Preparing Future Faculty Program that places PhD students in varied teaching environments to discover their interest in pursuing an academic career.