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Analysis of successful IGERT proposals

Research Achievements

Analysis of successful IGERT proposals

The journal article "Definitions of Interdisciplinary Research: Toward Graduate-Level Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes" [Review of Higher Education, Vol 34, No 1] was awarded the first ever Outstanding Paper Award of the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group on Doctoral Education Across the Disciplines. The article is an analysis of over 100 successful IGERT proposals, combined with the literature on interdisciplinary studies. It was coauthored by EIGER co-PI Dr. Maura Borrego, and Lynita Newswander, a doctoral student who joined the project before EIGER was funded. The project has continued with EIGER trainee Stephanie Cutler, and resulted in "Constructive Alignment of Interdisciplinary Graduate Curriculum in Engineering and Science: An Analysis of Successful IGERT Proposals" [Journal of Engineering Education, Vol 99, No 4] aimed at prospective IGERT PIs and others designing interdisciplinary graduate curricula.