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Fellowships to support interdisciplinary work

Education Achievements

Fellowships to support interdisciplinary work

We have entered a second phase of our program. The Deans of the Colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Agricultural and Life Sciences have agreed to provide 6 four-year fellowships every two years to foster interdisciplinary research and education between the Colleges. The program is based on a University wide call for proposals with a specific core research idea, but must involve faculty from each of the colleges. The proposals must include research, training/education, and service/ethics components. Modeled after successful elements of our current IGERT program the call for proposals went out last Fall and the competition drew proposals from 5 faculty groups. The selected group has successfully recruited 7 new PhD students (we gained a 7th fellowship from the graduate school) to begin a program in the fall of 2011. This is an important educational achievement that goes far beyond our current IGERT since it has now involved the entire faculties of three colleges.