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Dissemination of results in Africa

Research Achievements

Dissemination of results in Africa

Continued interdisciplinary collaboration amongst IGERT AM:W3 trainees and associates in developing multi-media projects for dissemination of research results in southern Africa, illustrates the success of this IGERT project. In some cases, trainees and associates have already graduated, but continue to be actively engaged in these endeavors. They are working from their dissertations, using them as building blocks, pulling from respective disciplines to answer interdisciplinary questions on adaptive management of water resources in southern Africa. The fact that they are developing these projects, in a major way, demonstrates the success of our program. First, because they have initiated these on their own, second, they are heavily interdisciplinary, and third they represent an important ethical contribution in that the trainees were particularly adamant that they needed to return to southern Africa to present their research in a way that was meaningful to the local populations.