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Institutionalization of core curriculum

Education Achievements

Institutionalization of core curriculum

As we are now in our 6th year, our main educational achievements are institutionalization of our core curriculum, the establishment of a certificate in water sciences through UF's Water Institute, and the significant impact we have had on interdisciplinary education throughout the four Colleges we are actively involved in. Our Trainees are working with Law students in an interdisciplinary water law program, continuing to teach our undergraduate watersheds course, mentoring undergraduate students in a University wide program designed to foster undergraduate research, and developing a EPA Center of Excellence for Watershed Management. All of these initiatives have had enormous impact on educational programs at UF..some directly by changing course requirements, others indirectly, changing attitudes and mindsets about interdisciplinarity as faculty and students see the results of our interdisciplinary education program at UF and the active engagement of our trainees.