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Trainee emerges as leader amongst peers

Trainee Achievements

Trainee emerges as leader amongst peers

UC Riverside ChemGen IGERT trainee Kayla Kaiser is scheduled to complete her cross-disciplinary PhD this summer. Kayla has epitomized the IGERT philosophy, bridging the disciplines of analytical chemistry and molecular genetics in her graduate training. Her research publications include collaborations with three other ChemGen IGERT trainees (Kim, Jang, Barding). Kaiser has taken full advantage of all ChemGen IGERT opportunities, ranging from an internship at the Max Plank Institute in Jena, Germany, to presenting her metabolomic methods at general and specialized meetings focused on biology. She has been an intellectual and social leader amongst the ChemGen IGERT students. Additionally, Kalya is an avid science advocate and educator though her personal weblog she communicates the importance of science literacy. She attributes her success at obtaining a visiting faculty position at the Claremont College to the communication and teaching skills honed in the IGERT program.