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Co-faculty advisors for each trainee

Education Achievements

Co-faculty advisors for each trainee

Appointing co-faculty advisors for each trainee has increased cross-discipline interactions and fostered lasting collaborations. Each trainee choses a professor in a second discipline for a research rotation. The selection can be Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Computer Science, or Chemistry, depending on the trainee?s primary discipline. The number of trainees acknowledging assistance and/or co-authorships on IGERT trainee publications/presentations (>50%) exemplifies the strength of interdisciplinary rotations. Some of this year's publications include fellow trainees from two disciplines. For example, fellows James Kim and Kayla Kaiser, with their advisors co-authored the paper "Use of ¹H NMR to measure intracellular metabolite levels during growth and asexual sporulation in Neurospora crassa". As more of our cohorts approach completion of their degrees we fully anticipate additional publications with multiple trainees and advisors.