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Institutionalization of GISER

Education Achievements

Institutionalization of GISER

Institutionalization of IGERT: Graduates in Integrative Society and Environment (GISER) has completed 1 year as a student organization at ASU. GISER is aimed at providing graduate students from schools and departments across ASU with the opportunity to move from talking about interdisciplinarity to engaging in short-term, student-driven interdisciplinary research related to society and environment. Initiated with seed money from the IGERT in Urban Ecology, GISER has since obtained funding for workshop research (distributed on a competitive basis) from other ASU organizations. GISER has attracted over 200 members & has 21 active working groups which includes students and collaborators from non-profit and governmental organizations and municipalities. Participants have come from a range of disciplines, including sustainability, geography, life sciences, humanities, political science, anthropology, archaeology, engineering, urban planning, and mathematics.