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Effects of UV radiation on CFRC

Research Achievements

Effects of UV radiation on CFRC

Effects of UV radiation on mechanical and thermal properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (CFRC) was investigated in this study. Composites samples used for this study were fabricated using SC 15 resin modified with 1, 2 and 3 wt% loading of Montmorillonite nanoclay (nanocor® 1.28E) and 8 harness satin weave carbon fiber reinforcements. Fabricated samples were conditioned using QUV/SE accelerated weathering chamber. Mechanical properties were characterized through quasi-static and dynamic compression loading tests; and flexural test using ASTM D695-02 and ASTM 790 respectively. Thermal properties were characterized through thermogravitational analysis (TGA) and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). Tests were performed on all samples before and post conditioning. Results show an increase in mechanical properties up to 56% for 2 wt% samples at room temperature, and an overall decrease in mechanical properties after conditioning.