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Near-field plasmon coupling of NPs

Trainee Achievements

Near-field plasmon coupling of NPs

One IGERT trainee has investigated near-field plasmon coupling between closely spaced nanoparticles (NPs). Others have studied symmetry-breaking in one of the simplest nanostructures, a nanoparticle dimer consisting of two gold nanoparticles or a nanoparticle and a nanoshell adjacent to each other. These studies expand understanding of the range of physical effects that can be observed in adjacent metallic nanostructures. Yet another IGERT trainee is co-inventor on a patent. [U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 61/267,397 filed December 7, 2009.] These experiences and research and publication activities are critical not only to the individual fields of study but to the professional development of IGERT students.