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Importance of reflecting on student work

Education Achievements

Importance of reflecting on student work

From the beginning of the program, communicating and reviewing various stages of the students’ work has been stressed by the program and the students see this as critical to their development. For instance, one student alone produced 6 published/accepted/submitted publications in nanophotonics in one year (3 conference presentations and 3 journal publications).

Another student reflects on the process; “publishing this paper was important for my professional development because this was my first exposure to the publication process. Although I was not the first author on this paper, and therefore I did not write most of the text, I still learned much about the work that must be done in order to get a paper published. This is practical and valuable knowledge since I hope to publish more papers in the future. Being a part of this process also helped me in the sense of learning the best way to communicate ideas in such a forum.”