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Research and publication opportunities

Education Achievements

Research and publication opportunities

Overwhelmingly, the IGERT program has provided students research and publication opportunities at all stages of their work in the program. For instance, one student has developed a new technique for the controlled release of molecular loads contained within liposomes. Three others were co-investigators on a study of nanorods and the surface modification of nanorods for in vivo biomedical imaging. Another has investigated near-field plasmon coupling between closely spaced nanoparticles (NPs). Others have studied symmetry-breaking in one of the simplest nanostructures, a nanoparticle dimer consisting of two gold nanoparticles or a nanoparticle and a nanoshell adjacent to each other. These studies expand understanding of the range of physical effects that can be observed in adjacent metallic nanostructures. Yet another IGERT trainee is co-inventor on a patent. [U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 61/267,397 filed December 7, 2009.]