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Public Policy and Nuclear Threats program

Research Achievements

Public Policy and Nuclear Threats program

The multidisciplinary Public Policy and Nuclear Threats program held Washington, D.C. conference that brought together fellows and alumni, government officials and other members of the nuclear policy community. Attendees presented innovating new approaches to academic course development in the fields of nuclear policy and nuclear engineering as many trainees and associates have moved into teaching positions. Shaheen Dewji shared concepts for interdisciplinary approaches to nuclear nonproliferation education and research while Michaela Eddy discussed how to develop nonproliferation curriculum. Chan Choi share the curriculum in nuclear power nonproliferation he developed after attending the PPNT summer course. The conference also offered the opportunity to present their current research efforts in nuclear weapons policy, predicting proliferation from demand, proliferation motivations, coping with rogue-states and non-state actors and materials protection, accountability and safeguards.