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Course on science and policy aspects of nuclear threats

Education Achievements

Course on science and policy aspects of nuclear threats

Since the inception of this IGERT, PPNT trainees have been brought together for an intensive interdisciplinary course exploring the science and policy aspects nuclear threats. The foundation for this unique program’s curriculum was founded in close cooperation with experts at the Los Alamos and Livermore National Labs and experts from the science and policy fields. Course participants are trained in the scientific, political, and ethical aspects of nuclear science by leading nuclear experts and policymakers. Through our pursuit of outside funding, the course expanded to include graduate students and junior faculty from the top nuclear engineering and policy institutions from around the world. This course has been instrumental in bringing in new associates, maintaining an active alumni base, and raising the profile of the PPNT program. PPNT pioneered this unique training model and may have inspired the creation of at least two other programs now being offered by other institutions.