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New coures on Ethics in Nanotechnology

Research Achievements

New coures on Ethics in Nanotechnology

In winter 2009, we created a new course on Ethics in Nanotechnology (see 2009 annual report). In May 2009, students (including IGERT trainees) from the class led discussions in the Frontiers in Nanotechnology class required of all Nanotechnology Dual PhD Degree students based on case studies they had developed on the societal and ethical impact of nanotechnology. Three of these students (including two IGERT trainees and a philosophy graduate student) presented their work at an international conference, the First Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Nanotechnology and Emerging Technologies, September 2009. Several meeting attendees commented on the combination of depth and breadth in the students' presentations. One of the IGERT trainees chose to do a rotation in Washington, DC and has determined that her career path will lie in policy once she completes her research-focussed PhD.