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Trainees create online resource website

Research Achievements

Trainees create online resource website

Trainees constructed an educational/outreach online resource website,, in collaboration with Fondriest Environmental. Fondriest has web and graphic designers on staff that will assist with graphics, website structure, and layout. IGERT students will contribute structural elements, content, and figures. The target audience is scientists and researchers, teachers, students, and other individuals interested in freshwater resources. Website content includes general information about the structure and functioning and ecological role of lakes. General topics include lake physics, lake chemistry, lake biology, water quality, and sensors and technology. In addition to basic limnology content, the site will also host a number of other features, including access to streaming and archived lake data and an "Ask a Scientist" interface. This allows members of the public to ask lakes related questions and IGERT students will be in charge of answering these questions.