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Trainees attend teaching skills seminar

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Trainees attend teaching skills seminar

GLOBES collaborated with Notre Dame's Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning to present a teaching skills seminar on March 11 and 12, 2010. Thirteen GLOBES/IGERT trainees attended the sessions that covered articulating student learning goals, reviewing best teaching strategies, designing a course/syllabus, designing assignments/learning activities/quizzes/exams, balancing lecture with discussion, increasing student engagement/accountability, integrating technology into the classroom, and grading/responding to student work. The second day was devoted to 'micro-teaching' followed by feedback from peers and Kaneb Center instructors. Texts for the seminar included Ken Bain's "What the Best College Teachers Do." Students gave the seminar high marks, and especially liked the opportunity for plenty of interaction with Kaneb Center faculty who specialize in conducting workshops with the goal of working toward excellence in teaching.