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Three-part policy training module

Research Achievements

Three-part policy training module

A three-part policy training module began Fall Semester 2009 with an on-campus webinar and training workshop conducted by professional communications consultants. The policy training was put into practice with a trip to Washington, D.C. by 12 GLOBES trainees over fall break for a hands-on lesson in communicating research to non-scientific audiences. Led by faculty advisors David Lodge and Jason McLachlan, the students visited Congress, listened in on committee hearings and debates, and met with leaders and scientists in federal agencies, the private sector, and conservation organizations based in the nation's capital. The trip culminated in meetings between the students and members of Congress. The meetings provided a forum for fellows to present their individual research interests and discuss policy solutions to ecological and health problems. Participants also met with journalists from the Associated Press and Science News to learn how the media influences the policy world.