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Trainee wins award and leads outreach programs

Education Achievements

Trainee wins award and leads outreach programs

Dr. Robinson Pino, a minority is our first IGERT trainee graduated in 2005. He was nominated by IBM to represent the Hispanic constituency to the HENAAC (Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference) most promising engineer - scientist award. IGERT PI G.-C. Wang wrote a letter of recommendation that speaks to Dr. Pino’s qualifications and future leadership potential. Dr. Pino was granted the most promising engineer - scientist award in the advanced degree category in 2008. Robinson is very enthusiastic in technical education outreach programs to the local community. He encourages middle school students to pursue technical degrees and careers. In 2008, Robinson led groups for IBM’s eWeek for the EXITE, a program geared towards women students, and the IGNITE, a program geared at low-income students. Robinson came back to campus and gave a talk "Life after IGERT" to IGERT trainees in 2007. See his profile at