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Trainee collaborates with USAID/Africa Bureau

Research Achievements

Trainee collaborates with USAID/Africa Bureau

Jillian Jensen, AMw3-IGERT trainee, participate in an interdisciplinary research team with USAID/Africa Bureau on a gender analysis of the last eight years of US government investments in agriculture development in Africa. Her involvement included participation in the overall study design and methodology as well as being a team member on the Uganda field study. Her particular research tasks involved a cross-disciplinary look at the combination of biophysical and social factors conditioning the gender outcomes of development programming in a context where environmental vulnerability and risk factors are high. Jillian used broad-based theoretical knowledge in a practical application, preparing guidance and making recommendations for future gender-sensitive agriculture programs, in particular for the US Government's new "Feed the Future" global food security initiative. Her involvement in our IGERT and its African involvement were directly responsible for her participation.