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Chemical genomics at UCR

Research Achievements

Chemical genomics at UCR

Seventy-five percent of the IGERT fellows have screened our assemblage of chemical compounds for molecules that affect biological processes using plants, plant-pathogen and plant-pest models. The compound library exceeds 62,000 compounds, including those purchased with IGERT funds and 12,000 compounds produced by click chemistry by IGERT participants. In 2009-10, fellows designed and performed assays for compounds with biological activity in forward and reverse screens: deVries (4,500 cmpds; development), Diedrich (2 cmpds; analytical chemistry), Dinh (3,000 cmpds; release of silencing), Defries (62,000 cmpds; yeast/plant growth inhibition), Lii and Koble (4,000 cmpds; G-protein signaling), Salus (62,000 cmpds; defense induction); Schacht (5,000 cmpds; fungal G-protein signaling), Smith (10,000 cmpds; insect defense). Other scientists have screened the libraries. The synergy in the use of bioactive compounds increases the success in implementation of chemical genomics at UCR.