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Trainee participates in two workshops

Research Achievements

Trainee participates in two workshops

IGERT fellow Nathan Lane, participated in two workshops. The first workshop was an Introduction to Computed Tomography, sponsored by the NSF. This workshop highlighted many of the difficulties involved in obtaining quality 3D images of materials, particularly geologic samples which are often inhomogeneous compositions of materials. The second workshop was hosted by VSG (the makers of the AVIZO Visualisation software, formerly AMIRA), and was titled Visualisation for Computed Tomography. This workshop addressed the image processing capability of the AVIZO software while providing a background on many of the challenges associated with processing a raw 3D image. Together these workshops provided Nathan with a more complete understanding of the tools, both hardware and software, that are used to provide a clean picture of a porous material that is used as input to the CFD models he have been developing.