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Trainees submit research grant proposal

Research Achievements

Trainees submit research grant proposal

A collaborative research grant proposal was submitted by 5 trainees, Guru Khalsa and Charlotte Sanders (Physics), Sarah Stranahan and Micah Glaz (Chemistry) and Chris Mann (Materials Science). The proposed effort draws on the established expertise of four research groups at the University of Texas at Austin, with strong track records for growth, fabrication, and characterization in their respective fields. Furthermore, the physical proximity of the research facilities of the members of the proposed collaboration allows for intensive dialogue, and for samples to be quickly transported from fabrication facilities to the lab bench. Charlotte Sanders and Chris Mann will fabricate the plasmonic structures, Sarah Stranahan will perform far-field spectroscopic studies, Micah Glaz will perform the near-field scanning optical microscopy studies, and Guru Khalsa will perform simulations and help with data analysis. The proposal is out for review at this time.