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Trainees complete summer internships

Research Achievements

Trainees complete summer internships

Three students (Brian Dillon, Linguistics; Candise Chen, Human Development; Wing Yee Chow, Linguistics) completed highly productive summer research internships at the State Key Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience at Beijing Normal University, China, working with two different host labs. Dillon and Chen's visits were supported by NSF-EAPSI fellowships. Dillon and Chow's work used distinctive properties of the Chinese language to test influential claims about the role of sentence structure in the rapid construction of meanings. Their work has already gained much attention at leading international conferences on language. Chen's work examined the relation between tone perception and literacy development in Chinese-speaking children. Importantly for our IGERT program, this visit created new connections between students that have led to greatly increased participation in our IGERT by students in the Dept of Human Development.