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Trainee works with high school seniors



IGERT: Life Chip


University of California at Irvine
(Irvine, CA)

Research Achievements

Trainee works with high school seniors

IGERT-Lifechips fellow, Amanda Janesick, participated in a local high school's class called "Advanced Chemical Research" that provides a real research experience to seniors. The project is to isolate specific toxins in cobra venom and hoping to design synthetic anti-venom. Amanda provided help with the biological side of the project, in particular, using gel electrophoresis to visualize the protein fractions purified from the venom. Since the students were unfamiliar with this technique, Amanda taught them how to use the centrifuge and run a denaturing protein gel. This started out as a small project but it has grown much bigger and Amanda took part in helping the students to continue to commit themselves to working in the lab over the summer and continue to pursue their interest in research at a university.