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Discovering teleconnected flow anomalies

Research Achievements

Discovering teleconnected flow anomalies

Kang, J.M. et al, Discovering Teleconnected Flow Anomalies: A Relationship Analysis of spatio-temporal Dynamic (RAD) neighborhoods. Symp. on Spatial and Temporal Databases, 2009.

The ability to mine teleconnected flow anomalies is important for applications related to environmental science. However, this problem is computationally hard because of the large number of time instants of measurement, sensors, and locations. We propose a RAD (Relationship Analysis of spatio-temporal Dynamic neighborhoods) approach for the identification and evaluation of candidate pairs of events for possible teleconnection. Computational overhead is brought down by utilizing this spatio-temporal model. We prove correctness and completeness for the proposed approaches and show the efficacy of our proposed methods using both synthetic and real datasets.