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Trainees prepare for collaborative field research

Research Achievements

Trainees prepare for collaborative field research

Trainees in earth sciences, ecology, and engineering are preparing for a collaborative field research season as part of the Greenland Field Seminar. Regardless of their primary discipline, they are working collaboratively to understand the research methods of each other's research area (eg, paleo-climate from lake sediment coring, glacial feature mapping and cosmogenic surface aging, snow chemistry and snow atmosphere interactions, plant community diversity, soil carbon cycling). To gain training in research planning and the logistical arrangements required for polar research, trainees are in charge of organizing field equipment and camp gear, filing Greenland permit applications, and working with faculty on the daily field instructional plan. Trainees have been invited by the Dept of Foreign Affairs to display posters created by trainees during their Spring term course on polar science, policy and ethics in Katuaq, the cultural center in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, in August.