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Trainees present at professional meetings

Research Achievements

Trainees present at professional meetings

Ten trainees presented at meetings of professional societies in 8 different states and 2 foreign countries. Genya Dana discussed stakeholder involvement in ERA at meetings for the Society for Conservation Biology (China). Gina Quiram and Leah Sharpe were co-authors on a paper about sustainable management of invasive species, presented at the Society for Ecological Restoration International (Australia). Scott Loss discussed the impact of invasive earthworms on birds at the joint Cooper Ornithological Society and Society of Canadian Ornithologists meeting. Emily Mohl explained aphid population dynamics, Adam Zeilinger discussed herbivore competition, and Thelma Heidel and Karrie Koch (best student presentation winner) presented talks on soybean aphid at the Entomological Society of America meeting. Adam Kokotovich presented his results on risk assessment at the Conference for Sustainability IGERTs 2. Mike Nelson discussed Reed canary grass at a plant-breeding meeting.