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IGERT fosters collaboration among faculty

Research Achievements

IGERT fosters collaboration among faculty

The ISG-IGERT fostered interdisciplinary research that would not have happened without the program. Nine faculty-members coauthored articles in refereed journals with other IGERT faculty. Two of them (Heimpel from Entomology and Frelich from Forest Resources) together developed a new research avenue as a direct result of meeting at IGERT events. In addition, 4 IGERT faculty-members published 3 separate articles in just one issue of the peer-reviewed journal Biological Invasions and 3 faculty-members coauthored an article in BioScience. This demonstrates that the interdisciplinary research and dialogue among faculty fostered by the ISG-IGERT is both novel and important. These collaborations result in high-quality contributions to the disciplines of risk assessment and invasion biology.