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Trainees develop active learning modules

Research Achievements

Trainees develop active learning modules

Students from the first cohort used the information and experience gained in their research practicum on oak wilt to devise active learning teaching materials in ISG 8031 Cooperative Learning Practicum. After learning the theory and best practices of active learning approaches the three pairs of students each developed two active learning modules. One short active learning module (30 min) was developed to explore risk analysis issues related to chikununya fever, using information provided by one of our partners (ACERA, University of Melbourne). The second module (1 hr) developed by each team focused on issues that the team had explored during their research practicum on the risk assessment for oak wilt. Each teaching team taught their case to a class of peers, received comments, and revised their cases. They also developed instructor notes so the curricular materials can be used in other courses. These active learning modules will be used in IGERT risk analysis courses in 2010-11.