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New graduate course at Rutgers

Research Achievements

New graduate course at Rutgers

A new 3 cr. graduate course, 16:155:544: Pharmaceutical Organic Nanotechnology, was introduced at Rutgers University and successfully taught by Dr. C. Roth from Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Dr. B. Michniak, School of Pharmacy. This course was attended by 17 students, who represented a truly interdisciplinary mix of PhD students in 4 distinct academic departments and 2 universities as well as part-time degree students from local industry. Students were provided with perspectives from faculty hailing from several academic departments and from the pharmaceutical industry. The didactic material stressed drug delivery fundamentals and applications, and the learning outcomes focused on ability to understand the field and apply principles to a research problem. These were assessed by class participation, journal club presentations, directed homework assignment and oral and written presentation of a term project.