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Personalized drug delivery systems

Research Achievements

Personalized drug delivery systems

Trainee M. Brown is performing her graduate research at Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers. Her research is focused on the development of new technology for personalized drug delivery systems with potential application for transdermal drug delivery. This challenging project requires deep knowledge of biomedical materials, surface chemistry and thorough understanding of entire dosage matrix composition and interactions. This research project is performed in close collaboration with another IGERT faculty, Prof. Michniak, Pharmacy. Marlena has an impressive record of presentations from the '08 Aiche Annual Conference to "Control of spreading and drying patterns of drug-solvent droplets on biopolymeric surfaces" and "Multilayered Architecture Drug Delivery via Drop On Demand Technology" presented at the ACS Natl Mtg'09. Her presentation on Multilayered Architecture Drug Delivery has received a 2nd place award from the NJ Center for Biomaterials in '09.