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Enhanced LANP seminar and journal club

Research Achievements

Enhanced LANP seminar and journal club

Enhanced LANP Seminar and Journal Club. These programs continue to broaden and expose trainees, associates and faculty to multi-disciplinary knowledge and offer increasing opportunities for collaborative research. Participants in the programs do research in the areas of physics and astronomy, applied physics, chemistry, chemical and bio-molecular engineering, electrical and computer engineering and bioengineering. Two of the trainees have coordinated the LANP Seminar for Dr. Halas.

Tacit Learning: The IGERT Speaker Series. Guest speakers from industry or from other academic institutions are invited to give seminars to the trainees, associates and faculty. The speaker will always meet separately with the trainees. In many cases the trainees are invited to give their presentations to the guest speaker. Speakers this year include Dr. Klimov of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Richard Vaia of the U.S. Dept. of Defense and Dr. George Schatz of Northwestern Univ.