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Trainee awarded Certificate of Excellence

Research Achievements

Trainee awarded Certificate of Excellence

2009 Coherent Certificate of Excellence was presented to RPI IGERT trainee Xiaofei Lu (Physics) for her distinguished scientific contributions to the Center for Terahertz Research by Coherent, Inc. Ms. Lu has demonstrated an excellent academic record and top-notch research skills. She has produced 4 journal publications in this reporting period and 1 conference presentation in Nonlinear Optics Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii. Her PhD work is focused on Broadband Terahertz detection ranging from 0.3 up to 10 THz with over 10 selected gases. The gas-based sensing technique is achieved through a nonlinear mixing process, in which a second harmonic photon is produced by mixing terahertz photons with fundamental photons. A time-resolved sampling technique is then used to extract both amplitude and phase information of the terahertz waves.