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Trainee Bo Xu Co-PIs a $1.17 million dollar NSF project


Bo Xu, who graduated from IGERT/CTS in July 2012, received a 5-year $1.17 million dollar NSF grant in September 2012. He will Co-PI with Prof. Wolfson and Prof. Isabel Cruz on Moving Objects Databases for Exploration of Virtual and Real Environments. In this project, researchers at Florida International University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Brown University, and Northwestern University are developing a high-performance model for information processing and fusion in mobile environments, providing a collaborative integration between the real and virtual worlds. This model, applicable to the fields of computational transportation and mobile sensing, enables querying and visualization of moving objects data (MOD) and their relationship to static and dynamic geospatial data. This work explores the novel steps towards combining the real and virtual worlds, an emerging research frontier.

Address Goals

The research facilitates the technologies of Informed Traveler Programs, dynamic navigation, situation control, and airborne observational systems. The research also provides a foundation for improving the quality of services in multiple applications such as disaster management, environmental monitoring, transportation, education, and logistics.